Pay Per Click Management

Adwords and PPC Marketing has quickly become one of the most effective means of generating traffic, leads and sales for clients in any industry. It is important when embarking on an Adwords campaign on behalf of your client that you manage their expectations in terms of the success and potential ROI. Depending on the industry and the competitiveness of the environment, results will vary.

The below prices reflect our costs for the creation, setup, management and reporting of an Adwords campaign. These prices do not include the budget for the campaign.

  • Search Campaign $150.00
  • Display Campaign $150.00
  • Remarketing Campaign Add $155
  • Display + Remarketing Campaign $250.00
  • Shopping Cart Campaign $250.00
  • Google Merchant Centre Add $250.00
  • Design Full Set Display Ads $100.00
  • Design Landing Page $100.00
  • Local Adwords $150.00

*Note – All AdWords Campaigns with a Campaign Budget Greater than $2000 Require a Custom Quote

AdWords Is Working When:

  • AdWords is a service based around an advertising spend
  • Real success is achieved when the ROI of the advertising exceeds the cost. IE. The advertising produces profitable business. To achieve this, the following typically occurs:
    • Your AdWords budget is being fully spent and in a way that your defined objectives are being most effectively achieved
    • Over time, the goal metrics are being more cost-effectively achieved
    • Through relationship management, you recognise a real return to your business, over and above the total spend of the campaign, which includes management fees

Our AdWords Process:

On Initiation

  • We send a briefing document for you to fill in
  • We will run an Adwords audit to get a feel for the industry’s Adwords particulars
  • Campaign Setup
  • Set up campaign parameters as per the brief
  • Create Ad Groups
  • Create all content and send to you for review. This includes:
    • Adgroups and Keywords
    • Initial ad copy with split testing
    • Structured snippets
    • Extensions
    • Sitelinks
    • Images for display campaigns if necessary
  • You review and approve
  • Final elements are setup and go live
  • Management
  • Statistical reviews
  • Ongoing optimisation of ad copy, keywords selection, negatives, bids
  • Monthly reporting, including advice (around quality, score, etc)
  • Implementation of new Google features

Our Facebook Advertising Lead Generation Product

We offer this structured Facebook Advertising Lead Generation service to develop a database of targeted leads. The service requires a budget for Facebook which is NOT included in the service fee. The process runs through a targeted Facebook ad with some form of lead bait, to a landing page where prospects leave their details if they would like a copy of the lead bait.

Details get stored in a database for email or other marketing. The deliverable of this service is the database of targeted leads for ongoing nurturing and marketing, at a cost per lead that is very attractive. One benefit of this style of advertising is that often leads are acquired at a cheaper cost than from a single AdWords click for example.

Facebook Advertising Lead Generation – Purpose:

  • The purpose of this lead generation campaign is to build a database of prospects that come
    from the client’s defined prospecting group.
  • The database developed from this service is an asset for your business.
  • While the purpose of this service is not immediate sales, through ongoing and regular
    nurturing, the database should turn into a continual and regular source of business for you.
  • It is a long term marketing strategy which aims to be a part of assisting the development of a
    long term healthy business, via a database.
  • This service acknowledges the reality that many real prospects just are not ready to buy
    today, so during this process, we rather collect the data of these prospects, so you can be
    “front of mind” when these prospects are ready to buy.

Facebook Advertising Lead Generation – Is Working When:

  • A database of relevant and targeted prospects are being collected into a CRM or email
    management tool
  • The database is being built cost effectively

Facebook Advertising Lead Generation – Process:

First Month:

  • An initial Skype Briefing to discuss your campaign and understand the precise prospecting
    group we are targeting
  • Completing a Facebook Advertising Template for your Ads
  • Produce the lead bait if required
  • Create a Pixel for Conversion Tracking and apply to the website where applicable
  • Set up your campaign and Ad Sets
  • Create your ads and send for your quality review
  • Setup a database in Mailchimp if you don’t already have one
  • Make necessary adjustments to your CRM if you already have one, ensuring we collect the
    leads appropriately for your system
  • Conduct a review meeting with you to ensure all collateral is appropriate and of an acceptable
    quality standard
  • Your campaign is made live following your approval
  • Ongoing internal reviews & adjustments of campaign
  • Weekly Reports for the first month only

Regular Monthly Inclusions:

  • Regular advertising campaign reviews & adjustments of campaign
  • Monthly Performance Reports

The LinkedIn Lead Generation Product

Our LinkedIn Lead Generation service endeavors to generate leads by connecting directly
with your target prospects that are on LinkedIn, then nurturing this relationship through a carefully designed communication strategy with the intention of generating a meeting of some kind out of LinkedIn. The key to the success of this strategy is to ensure that the prospecting group is perfectly defined and the strategy elements are aligned, while softly getting your core messages in front of the prospects. Often prospects will not immediately engage with you.

To ensure you get maximum ROI on your investment in the service, we create an email database and load all prospects into this database. This gives you a real “result” from the service. A “List” you (or we) can nurture in an ongoing fashion with a regular email marketing campaign. Often prospects will engage with the you months and months after the initial LinkedIn connect and nurture. Our copywriters can be used to facilitate email marketing if you don’t have the time to do this.

LinkedIn Lead Generation- Purpose:

  • The LinkedIn Lead Generation Service is for businesses who can benefit from growth by
    making business connections and nurturing these connections into business relationships
  • It is a great strategy for people who already generate business through networking activities
  • It is also a great strategy for business people seeking strategic alliances or referral partners
  • It is a good strategy for building a database of prospects, so businesses that already have
    successful email marketing strategies will find this useful in continuing the growth of their lists
    with highly targeted prospects

LinkedIn Lead Generation Is Working When:

  • We are successfully connecting to your ideal prospects
  • Your prospecting list in the email database is growing
  • These prospects are starting to respond to the email nurturing, contacting you for more
  • You are developing business from the service

LinkedIn Lead Generation – Process:


  • Initial briefing, document complete, meeting conducted


  • Brief sent to all relevant teams for preparation of collateral
  • Profile recommendations prepared
  • Email scripting prepared
  • Lead post prepared
  • Mailchimp setup (if no existing email system) or requirements sent for setup
  • Email template created


  • Prepared collateral sent
  • Profile updated following approval of profile recommendations review
  • Agreed email scripting added to email database


  • Make connections load successful ones into the list for automated emails
  • Add lead posts to profile as required
  • Monthly reporting
  • Regular reminder RE ongoing nurturing

Our Affordable Lead Generation Packages

By using our lead generation services, through particular strategies across platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook, your clients can expect to have a far more expansive influx of leads, which will in turn raise the chances for sale conversions and a higher revenue for your clients.

Facebook Lead Generation
$ 250 AUD /Month
  • Set up your campaign and Ad Sets
  • Create your ads
  • Monthly Performance Reports
LinkedIn Lead Generation
$ 270 AUD /Month
  • Set up your campaign and Ad Sets
  • Create your ads
  • Monthly Performance Reports
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